Looking to make money with surveys in Nigeria? Then you’re in the right post.

In a few minutes I want to show you what you need to know and have before you plan on taking surveys to make money online right here in Nigeria.


You’re going to Learn quickly:

  • What survey jobs really are.
  • If they are Scam or Not?
  • What you need to have to succeed taking surveys as a Nigerian
  • 1 Legit Survey Site to make money

Just before we get started?

If you’re in Nigeria, then you know making money online is the big and trending stuff right here.


Because there’s lot of earning potentials online and some include:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Blogging
  • Paid Surveys (We are talking on this)
  • Freelancing
  • Etc…

Paid surveys is one good way to make money online in Nigeria as well.

So what are Paid Surveys?

Paid Surveys simply is a way company pay you to share your opinion about a particular stuff.

If a company like Jumia is planning to invest Millions of Nairas into a new or to be launched phone, they may want to know what people are actually looking for in a phone, why they may need such phone etc…

They tend to reward you for your feedback before investing so they don’t lose their investment into a market that won’t sell in the Long run.

Hope you get the hint?

Many people think survey Jobs are scam but no, they are legit.

Though there are scam survey jobs online, so I will list one Legit one at the end of this post.

Also Check…

What you need to have to succeed taking surveys as a Nigerian

1. PayPal Account that Receive Payments

The no. 1 and most important thing to have is a PayPal account where they can send your money.

Majority of these websites pay to PayPal because it’s the easiest, so as a Nigerian you need a PayPal account that can receive payments.

The only problem you have is that Nigeria PayPal accounts aren’t eligible to receive payments just yet, but you can checkout this PayPal Nigeria creation guide as it seem to work well.

2. Action

The truth is if you don’t take part or become active taking surveys, you won’t know how legit or how much money you can make.

When you take action, you see results in the long run.

3. Patience

To make money online anywhere, you need Patience and so to make money taking surveys take some time.

Don’t just join today and conclude that there isn’t any money to be made.

So that’s it to the necessary things you need in order to succeed while taking surveys in Nigeria.

Legit Survey Site:

I promised to share a survey site where you can get started, so head in to  https://social.i-say.com register, share your opinions and get paid.

Enjoy yourself.


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